What Really Is A Windshield Replacement Cost?

Keeping your windshield in good shape and safe is of paramount importance to the car owner. It could mean your life. In an accident a windshield absorbs 60% of a vehicle’s weight during a rollover accident and 45% of the impact during a head-on collision. It also plays a large part in the correct deployment of the airbags. Therefore the windscreen is an extremely important component of a vehicle’s safety features.Windscreen_Facts

How To Find Cheap Auto Glass Repair Services

It hurts the most when we have to spend money on something that really was not our fault. Most timesAuto Glass Repair Servicesdamage to windshields is just simply because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So it is important to get the best deal! Even though you want a good price, you still want quality workmanship using the correct techniques and proper materials.

Cheap auto glass repair should be viewed as a relative term.  Many of the more “expensive” service providers such as Safelite may charge more money to replace your glass but they often offer the most professional job. Safelite is the leader in windshield repair and replacement in the United States and has pioneered the industry. They also offer a nationwide lifetime guarantee which could save your windshield if the repair fails and the crack breaks later on.

If you do want to find a cheaper auto glass repair company you will want to make sure that they are using dollarprofessional auto glass repair tools and materials. The sealant that is used on cracks by professionals is very different from what you would buy to use at home.  Sealant that is available for home-use is often much weaker and will last up to two years. It is likely that one year after application it will need a touch-up. A good place to start when you are a looking for a good technician is on review websites. Yelp and Yahoo Local provide lists of businesses with real reviews from actual customers. By searching these websites you can be pretty confident that you are selecting the correct service provider. These reviews will indicate whether or not people have had issues witch cheap jobs. Remember though that a few negative reviews are inevitable – as long as positive reviews outnumber the negatives.

Firstly though you need to establish whether or not your specific windshield can actually be repaired at all. It is possible that dishonest companies will offer you repairs when your windshield actually needs replacing. Why? It is quick and easy and brings in some good money.

Your windshield should be repaired only when it has been damaged in fewer than 4 spots. Each damaged spot must be smaller than a 10 cent coin. The cracks or chips cannot go all the way through and must not be spreading visibly as you drive.  If you have four or more spots that are damaged or the damage is larger than the size of a 10 cent coin it is time to consider a full but perhaps cheap windshield replacement.

Cheap auto glass replacement is very similar to discount auto glass repair. You will want to make sure that the people working on your windshield are certified technicians. The most common certifying body is the SafeTech program.

What beats cheap auto glass repair and replacement? Free auto glass repair and replacement. Not many people think about it but the insurance that is required in almost every state will cover auto glass repair or even replacement in most cases. All you need to do is call up your insurance company and ask if you are covered. If you are covered your insurance company will send you a list of approved repair or replacement companies in your area. Having improper repairs or replacements can lead to major issues. Did you know that your windshield provides up to 30% of the structural support of your vehicle? If the windshield breaks or is severely damaged your car will have issues holding up the roof or protecting you in an accident. Most importantly though, without a windshield there will be nothing to stop debris from coming into your car as you drive and obscuring your view or damaging your eyes. Your windshield is one of the most important safety features of your car – short of your safety belt.

It is completely possible to find cheap auto glass repair and replacement. As long as you do research before selecting  service provider – you should be able to find a good deal and get your car back with a like new windshield.

Remember to check with your insurance before you go to get your windshield repaired or replaced though, because it may just be covered. Lets hope.

Windscreen Replacement Or Repair

Windshields are specially made to provide structural support for the vehicle and to resist the strain of traveling on highways, but, damage does sometimes happen. Windshields are actually composed of two layers of glass which sandwich an inner layer of automotive safety glass. This inner layer, known as the lamination, serves to hold together the broken outside layers in case of an accident. This is why windshields crack when struck by objects, yet do not fall apart and cave in upon the driver in most accidents.

Repair or Replace?

Generally, most chips and cracks could be repaired, but it always depends upon four variables: location of the damage, extent of damage, depth, and the size of the effected area. Results will change based on age, amount of area spread & severity of the damage.

A qualified vehicle glass repair technician must evaluate several factors before determining whether your windshield is repairable. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis, along with the tech’s own ability with equipment, the anticipations of the customer, as well as the likelihood of a top quality repair.

Pro’s and Cons of Repairing

  • Insurance Coverage (most companies will waive the deductible)
  • Cost
  • Preserving the factory seal around the windshield
  • Windshields are typically not recycled and go to the landfill, thus it is better to repair
  • If not done by a professional glass repair/replace technician the repair can begin to degrade.

Pro’s and Cons Of Replacing

  • If the windscreen is damaged badly, it is safer to have it replaced
  • You get a nice new windscreen without chips and cracks
  • Repairing a windscreen is more expensive then replacing
  • Replacing your windscreen is not environmentally friendly because it goes straight to landfill and cannot be recycled yet.


What Does a Windshield Repair Cost?

For fixing a windshield, the price will be different from region to place as it does for many products and services, but it’ll be a fraction of the price to replace the windshield. The image below provides a description of common rock breaks and an “average” price for fixing them(courtesy ofwindshieldrepair.com). Assess with a service provider in your region for special rates.

glass breaks


Service Description Price
Stone Chip Repair Stone damage up to 1 1/2 inches $75
Extra Stone Chips additional damages on same windshield (each) $25
Short Crack Single line crack up to 12 inches in length $89
Long Crack Single line crack over 12 inches long $99

Size as well as Depth

Just about any repair shop will be able to repair an area of about one and a half inch diameter and cracks about twelve inches long. Traditionally , any crack bigger than a dollar bill could not be repaired, so size was an important factor in making a determination. However, new technologies are making it possible to repair cracks that are longer and wider. To assess the likelihood of every individual repair being made you should contact your windscreen repair technician.

Types Of Damage

There are several different types of fractures, some can be fixed more easy than many others. For example, Star Break (short radial fractures coming off of the impact point), Bulls Eye (circular damaged caused by annular item) or Partial Bullseye (aka Half Moon, also due to circular shaped object, damage is not fully circular), Crack Chip (single crack size of a quarter), Ding (same as Crack Chip), or Pit (a gouge in the glass) can be easily fixed.
Multiple fractures are harder to fix, so in the event you don’t have a single fracture you need to assess with your glass repair tech how much more it will cost to repair.

Location Of Damage

Even good repairs may leave behind some discoloration, mistiness or binocular vision( where drivers vision is obscured by badly repaired cracks or chips), in the event the damage is in the driver’s line of sight, repair would decrease clarity and reduce visibility. The professional must consider all prospective drivers of the vehicle when determining the line of sight over the steering wheel, because this can vary depending upon each driver’s height.

Any crack that is at or very close to the windshield’s border, or any chip at or close to the border that’s induced the windshield to start cracking, attenuates the strength and integrity of the windshield and its own adhesiveness to the surrounding metal frame, which in turn compromises passenger safety.

Damages that generally cannot be repaired:

. Damage on inside of the windshield
. Deep damage on both layers of glass
. Damages that reach 300mm into the driver’s DPVA (Drivers Primary Viewing Area) or vertically . . . withing the sweep of windshield wipers.
. Complex multiple fractures 
. Contaminated cracks
. Edge cracks and chips
. Other Factors

However, you might end up paying nothing for the repairs! The fact is that the vagaries of auto insurance will even affect your decision.

In any event, once you become aware of a fracture or a chip on your own windshield, ‘speed’ is of the essence. Quite frequently cracks lengthen before you know it. Also, dust accumulates inside chips which can cause additional damage and makes repairs difficult. Any delay could result in what would have been an economical repair turn into a costly replacement.


Fixing one chip or fixing one crack generally takes about 30 minutes or more. In case the chip or crack is deep or dust has collected into it, preliminary measures are essential. The resin is then treated and polished, making a surface that is smooth, ensuring the crack or chip isn’t able to propagate and cause further damage. A qualified auto glass repair technician must assess numerous variables before deciding whether to fix the glass or replace the entire windshield.

A deep or slanted fracture or chip may have damaged the intermediate Poly-Vinyl Butyral (PVB) layer. Any dust or debris in a chip should be thoroughly removed first; this is usually done with a tiny vacuum.

To repair, an ‘injector’ is attached to the windshield across the damaged space along with a small quantity of a special resin is injected into the fracture or into and along the crack. The excess is removed after which a UV light is applied for curing and hardening the resin.


A fracture that’s larger than twelve inches across or a fracture one foot or longer, large scratches, a significant amount of chips,or spider webbing will (almost certainly) require your windshield to be replaced – tough luck! You’ve got a choice between going with ‘Same-OEM’ windshield, an ‘OEM-Aftermarket’ substitute, or a ‘Third Party Aftermarket’ alternative.

In the U.S., the Auto Glass Safety Council (previously AGRSS) certifies technicians and registers glass stores that meet their standards, thus quasi-regulating replacing of windshields. They maintain www.safewindshields.org in the place where they list approved glass shops.

Replacement Cost Guide

One of the first questions asked by many people who think their windshield may need to be replaced is: “how much does it cost to replace a windshield?”  Many people fear car windshield replacement costs, it is only fair because it seems like a laborious job.

The true answer to how much replacing your glass costs is not as simple as a price.  It varies based on your location and the type of car you have.  An average cost to replace a windshield is about $325 for traditional windscreens.Once you add on rain sensors, heating elements, protective coatings your windscreen could go into the $1000 bracket. If you are wondering about the rear windshield cost, it will cost between $100 and $300. What factors can affect the cost of windshield replacement?

  • What model of car you have
  • What year of car you have
  • What type of glass you choose
  • What tint you want on the glass
  • Whether you want to go to the shop or have them replace it in the field
  • What company you choose to replace your windshield

It should be noted that the cost and time it will take to replace a windshield for a popular model and year of car will be significantly less.  Popular models and years will have windshields available readily.  If your car is a weird model or a less popular model it may take longer to get a windshield to replace yours with.

While having a repair tech come out and replace your windshield at your home or work sounds convenient, it can severely raise the replacement costs.  If you for instance use a popular Auto-Glass company to replace your windshield then schedule your appointment online and you will often receive a discount.

What The Process Involves

First, the vehicle body across the windshield and also the nearby interior’s areas are shielded from damage. The windshield is removed, as are the seals and adhesives, leaving behind the bare frame and is subsequently cut from the edges. Next, a primer is spread on the interior of the framework after which the new windshield’s borders are coated with a special adhesive sealer with a polyurethane base, where the windshield will be fitted. A very brief time is allowed to elapse before the windshield is carefully fitted and bonded to the framework.

This replacement process generally takes to 60 minutes to half an hour.

But wait– before you start doing 60 miles, most repair shops request that you wait a further 60 minutes to enable the adhesives to set and bond. So if you’ve got the windshield technicians do the replacement at your house, well and good, but should you visit the auto glass shop, take a book along!

There’s a Right and Wrong Ways to Replace a Windshield when you go to a repair shop, be sure to do some due diligence and ensure that standards are followed. To keep your windshield in a good health, make sure to know how and when to clean it.

What all goes into the replacement cost?  First the obvious cost is in parts.  You need to purchase a new windshield.  Next there is labor, this is sometimes the biggest cost depending on where you go.  Lastly, you will typically have to pay a disposal fee for disposing of the old windshield properly without further damaging it.

Did you know that some insurance plans cover the cost of windshield replacement?  Speak with your insurance provider and see if your plan covers the replacement cost of your windshield.  If it doesn’t cover the replacement in full sometimes the plan will contribute in part to the replacement.  Your insurance company will typically already have partnerships set up with local auto glass replacement shops or with a national chain that is available in your area.  They will give you the name of the place and you can call the shop to schedule an appointment once your claim is approved.

If you are looking to save and just settling for a $30 discount is not your style, you still have an option.  If you call your local auto glass replacement companies you can usually get a quote over the phone.  Make sure to provide your make, model, and year for the best quotes.  Because replacing your windshield can be important and will improve the safety of your vehicle there is high demand for such services.  Companies want your business and the local stores have the ability to price competitively than larger national businesses which typically have a set price point.

When you are going to a local shop to have your windshield replaced though you need to find out a few things about their service.  Replacing your windshield isn’t all about prices, it is also about your safety and the quality of the work.  Make sure that the people who are going to be replacing your windshield are certified, otherwise the work may be poor and you may end up needing to go to a different company later down the road.  Also, think about what the shop offers, when you go to a national chain, they will also provide you with a lifetime warranty.  With a lifetime warranty their work is always guaranteed.windshield-replacement-2

If you are looking for a cheaper replacement option you should know the risks of going to low.  Replacing your windshield poorly could cause your windshield to not function properly during an accident.  During an accident your windshield is designed to keep you in the car, prevent the roof from caving in, and helps keep objects from entering the car.  Lesser quality windshields may not perform these features.  In addition if your windshield is not installed properly it may not stay in when you are in an accident.

When it comes to windscreen replacement your technician should be certified by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council.agsc  This is the national association that deals with the safety standards of windshield glass and replacement.  If they are not certified by this council chances are that their work will not be up to insurance standards.  Chances are that the work will also not be up to the safety standards that you need to save your life.

Replace Your Own Windshield

Some people at this point may be thinking about replacing their own windshield.  While it may be possible for you to replace your own windshield it would be difficult.  State law, manufacturer warranty, federal law, and your insurance company may all frown or prohibit replacing your own windshield.  You are probably asking yourself: “It is my car, why can’t I replace my own windshield?”  It is a reasonable question with an easy answer.  Your windshield is a safety device and there are many laws, rules, regulations, and governance’s put into place to protect the safety features on your car.  If you replace your own windshield and somehow it fails during an accident or someone in your car gets injured there is a chance that your insurance will not cover it and you will be left paying extra money or with no coverage at all.  This is similar to working on your own vehicles brakes or replacing your seat-belts. Never the less if you are still interested in knowing whats involved,visit this page.

Avoid the Need to Repair or Replace Your Windshield

The cheapest option is to avoid chipping or damaging your windshield in the first place.  The most common cause of windshield damage is by rocks or other debris on the road or highway.  When driving your car you should avoid driving behind trucks.  Trucks kick up rocks and debris.  Many companies have started placing warnings on their trucks to stay back 200 feet.

If you do get hit by a rock when driving on the road and it is kicked up by a truck or debris falls from a truck it is not the truck driver’s responsibility to defend themselves.  In most states you have to prove that the truck driver caused the damage to your windshield.  This is where having a high quality dash cam installed in your car may come in handy.

When parking your vehicle you should be attentive to where you park.  It is best to avoid parking under any objects that look like they may fall such as signs, branches, or debris.  Rotten trees don’t make the best neighbors when parking.

This guy has covered a lot of ground on replacement and repair of windscreens.  There are still other fringe options for repairing your windshield out there but they are not proven and shady.  Good luck on your replacement or repair of your windshield.  Make sure to take the time to think over situation now that you are armed with this information.  Your life could depend on your windshield in an accident.

How To Find A Reputable Windscreen Replacement Shop

The Windshield Guide

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Car window repair is one of those things in life that isn’t much fun to deal with. Whether it was some moron who smashed your window to steal your iPhone, or a stone flung up from a trucks tires on the interstate that cracked your windshield, it has to be fixed. You know the drill, call 3 shops get some estimates, then get it done, Sometimes though, things don’t go according to plan.

Finding a Reputable Windshield service that wont rip you off can be a challenge!

Here are some tips to set you straight.

Firstly Call at least 3 shops and ask them these questions

a) Ask them what brand of auto glass they use.The reputable shops will clearly explain the difference between a generic piece of glass and an OE piece of glass (original equipment). You want the OE or the equivalent OEE (original equipment equivalent) Also, ask how long the car should sit after the installation is complete. A car should sit at least one hour before being driven.

b) They should be AGSC certified {The AGSC was founded and is supported by companies in the auto glass replacement industry that keep safe installation as their primary goal and is an accredited American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards development organization}

c) Ask them about the urethane they use. Does it meet or exceed all pertinent Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards? What is the brand of urethane? 3M is and excellent brand. What is the cure time for the urethane? Usually around one hour as stated above.

d) Ask them what their procedure is for warranty work. Any good shop should have at least a 1 year warranty on parts and labor (breakage not included). Usually a warranty covers any defects in the glass leaking and bad workmanship of any kind.

e) Will you be getting a new rubber glass molding or is the old one from your vehicle being reused?

This molding is too old and damaged and should not be used again.

Windscreen Replacement Info

The replacing of a windshield is somewhat of a difficult procedure, if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are two ways you could go about proceeding with a replacement.

  1. The first would involve you taking your vehicle down to a legitimate car windshield shop, where you would be charged to have a new windscreen fitted, the general cost of this is discussed further on this site.
  2. The second option would require you to be a little more hands on, you would need to have some basic tools and have an understanding of what can go wrong and whats required of you. This second option we will talk about here on this page.


What is the difference between OEM and Aftermarket Glass?

(Disclaimer). The Windshield Guide.com holds no responsibility for any damage to property or persons caused by fitting your own windshield. 

First off, when doing your own autoglass replacement you will want to get a genuine replacement (OEM) to replace your damaged one. Make sure it is the exact copy of the original, otherwise it won’t fit. We also emphasize the fact that getting a OEM windshield is of paramount importance vs getting an aftermarket one. Why?

OEM glass is an original glass piece that is recommended and used by your car’s manufacturer. Even though the auto-glass is not made by your car manufacturer, what usually happens is that a car manufacturer will out-source the windscreens to an outside company. The company will manufacture your cars windscreens to a strict code of quality and to the size shape and color your vehicle model requires. It will then be shipped to the factory to be fitted to the vehicle during assembly.

Sometimes vehicle manufacturers change glass suppliers, depending on who offers the cheapest quote to produce the windscreens. This means that you can have two vehicles of the same year that have glass that was produced by different glass manufacturers.

Aftermarket Car Window Replacement Glass is produced by companies that do not necessarily produce windscreen replacement glass for an auto manufacturer. Since they don’t work for an automobile manufacturer they wont necessarily produce windscreens to the strict standards that a OEM windscreen would be made to. OEM manufacturers often put copyrights on their windscreens, this means that aftermarket manufacturers are prohibited from making exact copies of the original factory installed ones. The size and shape is the same because the windscreen has to fit, but the thickness and tint and durability might vary from original. Some consumers complain that after an aftermarket windscreen has been fitted more road noise can be heard and the windscreen distorts if you look through it at a certain angle. Although these and other problems may seem small, fussy owners could find this to be an annoyance.

At the end of the day though, the decision comes down to money. Some insurance companies may only pay for an aftermarket windscreen because of cost,  This leaves the consumer to decide whether or not to pay a little more to buy an OEM. Many aftermarket windscreens are satisfactory enough for the consumer, but those looking for the benchmark in quality and safety will opt only an OEM windshield.


How To Replace Your Windscreen

So you’ve now decided to go for an OEM or Aftermarket windscreen. How do you go about replacing it? As stated above, you could get a professional auto glass company to fit it for you, which in some cases could be cheaper then you think or you could fit it yourself. If you decide to fit it yourself. Here’s the step by step procedure to take. Remember it is not an easy job, you could end up breaking your windscreen or worse hurting yourself, so please take caution.Windscreen glue

  1. First you will need to remove the old windscreen,this essentially is the most difficult part of the job to do. You will first need to remove the rubber or metal beading around the frame without damaging it as you will need to put this back.. Once that is complete, you will need to cut between the frame and polyurethane so that you can push the screen out. To reach the polyurethane is quite a challenge because of the tight spaces. Be careful to not scratch paint or damage your headlining or dash. To do this you can use a variety of different tools. Commonly used tools are pull knifes which are the cheapest then any other system and are designed to be pulled around the windscreen cutting as they go. You can also use the wire cutting system which essentially is a wire that is run around the edge, one side on the outside and the other on the inside, but it is complicated and used by those who regularly remove windscreens.
    glass knife
         Pull Knife

    Since you are not planning on keeping the old windscreen, you don’t need to worry about cracking it. You could use a saw You will need to put the blade of your knife between the polyurethane and the windscreen and cut all the way around. To do this you need a windshield removal knife, this allows you to cut the glue around the edge of the windscreen so that you can pull the glass out.


2. You will need to remove your window wiper arms by unbolting them, usually you can fins the bolts under the bonnet. You also need to remove the rubbers and plastic trim you find that cover the glass.

3. Once you’ve cut the glass inside completely and you removed all the trim you can see that will restrict the removal of the glass, its time to push the glass out from inside the vehicle. It is best if you use suction cups to get a grip on the actual glass but if you cannot get access to these tools then make sure to wear gloves and carefully push out while someone else on the outside supports the glass as it comes out.

So now you should have your windscreen out, and your car should look like this.

car removed windshield

4. You need to now clean all the silicone and glue off from the frame of the vehicle in preparation for setting your new windscreen. Use a scraper and gently scrape off the silicone, beware though not to scrape the paint or dash.Take thinners which is an alcohol based cleaner that evaporates once applied and clean all the areas you have scraped.

5. Once your frame is clean and ready for application you will need to apply your polyurethane based caulking. Make sure you don’t skimp on this caulk. Using a good quality product such as 3M 08693 Auto Glass Urethane Windshield Adhesive is a good idea because it could mean the difference between your windshield coming loose or not. Using a caulking gun, apply a bead of urethane all the way around the window making sure that the bead is centered on the frame and won’t squish out to be visible. Center and place the windscreen down on the frame gently and put your beading back. Allow to dry for at least 4 to 6 hours and tape it down with masking or duck tape so that it doesn’t lift. Hopefully at the end of this time your windshield should be safely installed and you can pat yourself on the back. A job well done! Now wasn’t that hard? You can probably understand why taking your car to a windshield professional is a good idea:)

How A Windshield Is Made


In the early days of automobiles, cars were made with an open air layout. Since they didn’t have windshields, drivers wore goggles to shield their eyes from wind and debris. This was inconvenient and in 1904 the windshield was devised. The windshield became really important in protecting passengers from outside elements, especially as cars became more strong and moved at quicker speeds. The early windshields, unfortunately, were manufactured entirely from glass. An alternative was sought, since this caused an increase in injuries.

Tempering is a unique heat treatment so that the glass resists shattering which makes it tougher and stronger. This was the favored form of windshield until the turn of the century, when multi-layered laminated glass began to grow in popularity. Laminated glass is strong like tempered glass, but bends somewhat upon impact, allowing for added protection against shattering. Laminated glass is considered the safest type of auto glass, and is really required by law in many nations including the USA.

What Are Windscreens Made Of ?

Small amounts of potassium oxide and aluminium oxide in many cases are added.

Silica, comprising 60 to 70 percent of the total, is the key element; it’s what makes glass, glass. (Quartz, a glass-like substance occurring in nature, is made of silica.) Soda Ash reduces the melting point of the mixture. Dolomite permits more easy working of the stuff that is melted while limestone enhances the finished product’s durability.

These ingredients are blended with a little volume of water and heated at high temperature. The process of chemical fusion results in these ingredients fusing into a brand new substance – glass.

How Glass For Windshields is Made

The substances used to create a windshield have several properties that are significant. Clearly, the glass must keep its clarity for a long amount of time. Additionally, it should be built of robust materials that can provide structural support to the roof of the vehicle in the event of a rollover crash. The windshield must be tough enough that it resists damage during mild collisions, so that the person who owns the vehicle does not have to replace it after every slight fender bender. The most essential feature is that it should be shatterproof, so that shards of glass aren’t sent flying in a major accident.How Glass For Windshields is Made

Laminated safety glass fulfills all of these requirements. Laminated safety glass is in fact composed of three layers, even though to the naked eye a windshield seems to only be a sheet of regular glass the interior layer is constructed of poly-vinyl butyral, plus it’s sandwiched on either side by clear glass.

This layout serves a quite special function. When the windshield strikes against an object, it may chip or crack the glass. However, due to the interior poly-vinyl butyral layer, the damage is restricted to the external layer of the windshield. Besides being dangerous, automobile owners would constantly spend cash to replace such insubordinate windshields. The current shatterproof, layered design prevents these issues. This innovation provides lasting and much safer glass for our vehicles, although the glass still has to be repaired or replaced from time to time.

Manufacturing Procedure

Most windshield glass is made using the ‘Float Procedure’ so named because the glass actually ‘floats’ inside a chamber during one of the manufacturing steps.

In the first step, water and the ingredients are combined together in a refractory tank where they are melted down and are subjected to very high temperature. The resulting molten mixture is subsequently passed through a very short but broad opening into another tank, the ‘float chamber’. This chamber has a thin layer of molten tin upon which the mixture floats, thus the name of the process and the chamber.

From this chamber, the long sheet of molten glass is carried on rollers into another chamber, the lehr, which is a special furnace where the glass is annealed – slowly cooled. This really is the ‘uncooked’ glass that will be used to make windshields.

Next, though this is hardly the last step it’s shaped and tempered.

The glass sheet is put on or into a mould together with shape and the desired curvature and then is heated only to the stage where it becomes soft but will not melt and, consequently, sags on or into the mould. Then it is cooled extremely rapidly by shooting jets of cold air on it. The glass greatly strengthens and hardens.

This sandwich is heated in an autoclave and pressed between rollers. This step fuses PVB and the glass sheets into just one slab of laminated safety glass and makes the PVB clear. PVB lends anti-shatter protection as, in case of collision, the PVB layer holds back glass shards from travelling at high velocities.

Fasteners, different sensors and mouldings might be integrated into the glass. These contain everything from rain sensors to multi-use antennas to hydrophobic coatings.

The windshield is ready to be fitted and bonded into the vehicle’s metal framework. Special primers, adhesives and sealants including polyurethane – usually called ‘urethane’ – are used for this particular function.

Car Windshield Sizes

The size of the windshield will finally depend upon the design of the vehicle. The inner poly-vinyl butyral layer is additionally cut to the same size. After all three pieces molded and are individually cut to the shape that was correct, they may be assembled to form one cohesive component of layered glass. This procedure is finished in an autoclave, a special oven that uses pressure and heat to bond the layers together. The windshield emerges prepared to install in the correct size and contour as designated by the car manufacturer.

There are almost as many windshield sizes as there are different versions of the automobile, since windshield size is dependent upon the automobile’s design specifications. For safety reasons, it would not be wise to fit any windscreen, even if it looks right. A new one that fits the vehicle will need to be ordered if a windshield must be replaced.

It’s not possible to cut a bigger windshield since the curve of the windshield is also precisely manufactured to layout demands. This could lead to a windshield that does not have the degree of curve that is correct and doesn’t fit the vehicle correctly. A windshield should simply be replaced with the correct size according to the car manufacturer’s specifications. This really is one area in which there is no shortcut repair that could be safely executed.

Due to design standards, windshields’ size is increasing even as tiny smart cars are invented. The future’s popular aerodynamic designs and increased security on roadways allow for greater visibility. It is forecast the size of windshields will continue to increase in size as the overall size of vehicles grows.

Windshield Insurance Coverage

If your car sustains damage to the windshield, before seeing a repair shop, the very first thing you need to do would be to get in touch with your insurance provider for an explanation of your coverage. Prior to making any repairs, reporting the claim to your insurance carrier is absolutely crucial to be able to prevent having to pay more for the repair than you need to. Mistakes do occur, and you also desire to be certain of which repairs will be insured prior to making any decisions.

Here are the variables that may determine whether some or all the glass repair will likely be covered


  • the type of coverage you carry on your own vehicle
  • state law
  • deductible


Windshield repair and replacement is normally insured under the ‘windshield’ or ‘glass’ line item in the ‘all-inclusive coverage’ area of an automobile insurance policy. If windshield damage occurred as an outcome of a traffic accident that the motorist was not responsible for, replacement or repairs could be covered under the ‘crash coverage’ area of the policy. Glass repair or replacement will not be covered if you only carry liability insurance.

No Pay States

Read the small print on your policy to forestall any unpleasant surprises – unless you’ve comprehensive coverage and also the good fortune to be living in a ‘Zero Deductible State’. Where windshields are involved, if you live in Florida, Massachusetts, or South Carolina, state law is in your court. In such states, there are laws saying your insurance carrier must waive your deductible for windscreen replacement, so you get a completely cost free replacement. It is a good thing to be aware of when you are confronted with this kind of repair, although this only applies to complete coverage. For state-by-state information check out our State-by-State Page.

‘No-Deductible’, No-Cost Repairs!’

For a chip or fracture, repairs will cost in the region of $50 to $100 whereas full on replacements will start from about $200 and can reach $1,000. One would expect to pay for the repairs out of pocket but in case the complete coverage deductible is just, say, $100, someone who is insured really has no or little incentive to get repairs done and, instead, may opt to get the windshield replaced.

Even after the customer pays the deductible, when the replacing of a windshield is done by the customer with a low deductible, the insurance company has to foot a larger invoice. As a way to reduce their particular payout, many insurance companies are resorting to a sharp play that is also a sharp bargain for the customer: if a damaged windshield is repaired instead of replaced, the insurer will waive the deductible and pay the full costs. And that is a win-win for both the insurance company as well as the customer!

Claim Procedures

You will get your windshield replaced from your auto dealer or from an unaffiliated auto glass shop. You’re under no duty to use it although your insurance company may advocate a specific store; you’ve the right to choose. There’s a correct and incorrect procedure of replacing your windshield, so make certain that due diligence is performed before choosing a place to make the replacement. It’s unlawful if an insurance company makes a gentle suggestion that is fine but when they attempt to almost force you go to a particular shop. It’s known as ‘steering’ in the trade.

Auto insurance providers will have their pre-determined repair shops that have agreed upon a price for windshield repairs. There are a few advantages to choosing a store in this network. Your insurance carrier may carry a guarantee on the work, because the cost is agreed upon ahead of time, and there are never any surprise charges. Your insurance provider may even organize the repair for you, making the whole thing convenient and simple. The work is only going to be insured by the guarantee policy of that particular store, although you’re definitely free to choose a store outside the network. If you decide to go this route, make sure to get a copy of this policy in writing to safeguard your investment.

Claim procedures vary a bit from insurance company to insurance company. A few may require an adjuster to check whether your windshield should be fixed or replaced. Some require you to initiate a claim after whereas others are going to want you to come on the phone and verify your identity while you’re at the repair shop, which the business will contact and deal together with the repair shop. Still others might not need you to do anything as long as you go to one of their approved workshops.

In any event, most shops will deal directly with the insurer and manage all the paperwork to make the process seamless and hassle-free for the consumer.

No-Fault’ Claims

If you were in an accident that was your fault, making any claim will bump up your premium but more times than not, windshield damage requiring repair or replacement isn’t the driver or owner’s mistake. Icing, or harsh weather can crack it or debris can chip it. A parked car can endure windshield damage so you are not to blame – you’re not ‘at fault.’

Windshield repair or replacing claims are ‘no-fault’ claims and these varieties of claims usually do not have some effect on your premium because they do not represent your driving abilities.

Avoid Coupons

Some auto glass shops give you ‘coupons’ to cover your deductible so that you don’t pay in anything. This is really a questionable practice because if these ‘coupons’ pay the price of your deductible, someone still has to pay the price for this amount.

As a consequence, the auto glass store may over-invoice by pricing more than it would have cost otherwise, so the insurance company ends up paying some or all the deductible you saved.

Or the auto glass shop may only use low quality glass, inferior adhesives and sealants, or cut corners on workmanship to unnaturally bring down the price. In this scenario, you find yourself paying the price of the saved deductible by having either an inferior or incorrectly installed windscreen on your car – which may be a terrible cost if you’re in an accident.